Creating Discoverable Content on Blogs

  1. It is consistent. Algorithms and search engine respect consistency
  2. It is user-friendly — Effectively organised platform
  3. Tells a story — A reader feels like it was meant for them
  4. Its valuable as it ages
  5. it is easily accessible and searchable
  6. It’s form of data as time goes on
  7. Embraces key digital skills of journalism such as use of original pics, visualisation, linking up to sources, use of prefferable technology etc
  1. Content Branding — Observe key necessary attributes, such as linking up, sourcing, use of visuals, copyrights style etc
  2. Be eager to learn and go with the technological pace in Media Information Literacy (MIL). Thumbnails, titles, etc
  3. Create a guideline and live by it. How, When and What. It will create consistency and uniformity
  4. Know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and learn bout it for application and use to your content. This applies with ( User-experience UX) and user interface (UI)
  5. Be creative and have a niche in content. For instance Politics.
  6. Use keywords, #hashtags, popular related terms etc
  7. Be value oriented and not revenue oriented
  8. Digitisation creates the conditions for inputring very high qualities of data, very fast access to that data and very high rates of change of that data.
  1. Statistical Analysis of your content. What is the reach and impression of your content? Understand the users before determining reach and impression.
  2. Referral Traffic — Sourcing of your content, research, studies, other content producers (individual or organisation). Who is talking about your content, who has tagged, who has shared, etc
  3. Tools for measure, there are some free tools that can be used. Back end of Social Media
  4. Downloads — Reports, Videos, etc — Mentions across platforms of your content
  5. Reach versus users, implies on understanding the type of content you create in relation to a group of consumers interested in your content. If you have serious content with a reach of about 200 reads; it is better than a reach 200,000 of reach of an audience who don’t understand nor would not act on your content.



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Asha D. Abinallah

Asha D. Abinallah

Expert at the intersection of Internet on Information, Innovation, Technology & Governance in New Media | DW Certified Trainer | CEO at Media Convergency